The Good and the Bad.


I start my sophomore year of college in ten days. I’m so mad at myself for not writing this past spring and throughout the summer. I have learned so much while making some of the best friends and memories I ever thought possible. I began working for MTOP (Middle Tennessee Outdoor Pursuits) which I can’t even begin to explain how amazing it is. Sam moved to Peru in May which is rad but at the same time sucks because I love Sam and miss all the good times. They’re not over by any means just put on hold. I also went to the UK for eight days in May. It was incredible. Thomas, one of my best friends no doubt almost died. I’ll elaborate later I promise. I’m kind of homeless right now but thanks to Thomas and his roommates Richard and Alex, I’ve got a place to crash. I bought a pack of cigarettes for the first time in eight months last night. Promise that it won’t last long. As of tonight I have approx. fifteen dollars to my name. I’m working on getting a job that can actually sustain a halfway decent life. Last night Thomas, Sophie, myself and some other friends went to “Live On the Green” in Nashville which was so rad. Andra Ray headlined the show. Although I had never heard of her before I can say I have her album and am a huge fan now. One of our friend’s friend Caitlin was with us and yeah she’s pretty and pretty cool. She’s a huge fan of Harry Potter so we’re supposed to be watching it tomorrow night since I can’t recall watching any of them beginning to end. Sunday morning MTOP is doing R.O.L.L. I’m super stoked to be leading the climbing trip with Abbie. Although I aggravate her 24/7 I’m gonna miss her along with all the other MTOP veterans when they graduate in May. Christina and I are getting matching tattoos when we get back on Friday. I haven’t been so stoked in a while. Well I’m gonna shut down the ol’ laptop and get ready for some karaoke. I’m going to try to keep posting blogs throughout the fall semester but who knows what’ll happen.

A diesel winter

Yesterday, Nashville out of the blue had a storm come through that blessed us with I believe 9 inches of snow. Of course we took advantage of the day off of school and had some fun. Actually, let’s rewind to Friday morning.

I wake up at Sam’s (the guy holding the sled) at 5 am. No sign of snow yet. In a rush thinking school won’t be cancelled I drive home, do some reading, and hop in the shower. Then two texts come through. 1: MTSU will not be open today due to inclement weather. Rad! Always a good thing to see when you haven’t done work for that day. 2: Hey guys, Ragan needs help at the DoubleTree. Anyone help? I had to work at 3 anyways so I figured sure I’ll help them. I open the door and there’s snow everywhere. In an hour there was about 3 inches of snow on the ground. It was ridiculous. I hop in the car at 7:45. What’s usually a 25 minute drive was anything but. It was 1 o’clock when I got off of I-40. I can truthfully say that sitting in dead still traffic is the utmost annoying experience you can go through. I still went to work (after Ragan convinced me) for about 4 hours then headed over to Sam’s. About 5 o’clock it was already dark and we decided to go to my house. Played some zombies, hung out with the fam, then what’s the past participle of sled?

We geared up and headed out barely making it from the driveway. The roads were just great you could imagine. Slid off the road a few times. Cop rolled up once which was absolutely terrifying given the circumstances. Tried a few hills and roads that ended up not being what we thought. So we improvised. Truck, rope, sled. A pair of sunglasses and a whistle is all you need for this game. We tore up the neighborhood then found a hill where I would eventually lose my phone until this morning. All in all, “Snowpocalypse” was a success.

T. H. Vogel.

Depression As a Metaphor

The veil ┬ácontains the strange. A collection of backwards thinking. Lasting from seconds to days it is not to be seen. For if sought…┬áJust don’t go looking.

The veil lifts. An interruption or a commencement? That’s for you to decide.

Before you act, the veil didn’t exist prior conception. Therefore it can be ridded.

T. H. Vogel